I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.3 John 1:4

Pastor’s Page

APRIL 2017
Health Emphasis:
 Sit Up Straight!
Monthly Emphasis: Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Tax Day, Good Friday, Easter, C.W. Kerry, Jr. Scholarship Sunday, Intergenerational Sunday, Baby Blessings and Dedication
Scripture for the Month:  John 4:43 – 6:71

Thoughts for the Week

April 2:  From personal fever to household faith.
April 9:  My Spiritual life or death is in my own hands.
April 16:  Father and Son together in purpose, plan and power.
April 23:  The miracle of meger means and mass meals.
April 30:  The challenge to ingest and digest tough doctrine. 

Scriptural Readings for the Week

MONDAY, April 24 – John 6: 2
Feverish, surging crowd followed Jesus.

TUESDAY, April 25– John 6: 3-5
Grace needed for hard times from a spiritual and material context.

WEDNESDAY, April 26– John 6: 6-7
A pessimistic faith (narrowed view) only sees money and human resources.

THURSDAY, April 27– John 6: 8-9
An optimistic, questioning faith (broadened view) has a faith perspective that exceeds money and human resources – a relationship with Jesus.

FRIDAY, April 28 – John 6: 10-13
Jesus did not stand there looking at the meagerness of five loaves and two fish but knew that God would provide.

SATURDAY, April 29 – John 6:14
The people professed as the miracle unfolded that Jesus is indeed the Messiah.

Point to Ponder

Jesus can help any person through anything. The challenge with the crowd was their desire for earthly and worldly satisfaction. They thought in terms of the physical and material, not the spiritual. Even when Christ meets physical and material needs, the physical and material are only temporary. The Lord’s concern is primarily spiritual- spiritual strength and spiritual blessings, the strength and blessings that last forever.



Gracious God, thank you for helping me and most importantly being my provider. You continue to remind me that, though the odds may appear to be against me, you can always multiply in which I am blessed and can be a blessing to others. I know for myself that indeed you are The Messiah. Amen.