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May 24, 1890

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC was organized in 1890. Forty members of First Baptist Church, located at 1021 S. Church St., withdrew their membership by letter and organized a new church. Sis. Rosa Watson offered the name FRIENDSHIP, taken from the historic Friendship Baptist Church of Atlanta.

May 31, 1890

Rev. Allen Lewis, 1st Pastor

June 12, 1918

Under pastoral leadership of Rev. G.W. Watkins, exquisite stained glass windows were added to the church.

February 20, 1920

First instrumentalists accompany choir (1920-1930). George Monroe - clarinet; Clarence Rabb, cornet; Clarkson Springs, trombone; Javan Hunter, violin.

July 25, 1920

Zack Alexander, 1st President, Usher Board

December 11, 1920

Pipe organ purchased

August 14, 1922

Hosted Lott Carey Convention, 1st time

September 6, 1926

Hosted General Baptist State Convention, 1st time

March 31, 1933

The Friendship Troop was organized in 1933 with Reverend John Lewis Powell serving as the organizati.nal director

September 1, 1942

Girl Scout - Ernestine McCree, 1st

January 5, 1948

Rev. Coleman W. Kerry, 12th Pastor

February 8, 1949

Cub Scout Pack Organized, Reverend J. Fiddmont was first Cubmaster.

June 23, 1951

Hattie Leeper (Chatty Hattie), 1st black female DJ

June 21, 1959

1st NAACP Junior Youth Council, President, Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.

December 17, 1961

1st Nurses Guild, Sadie Covington

October 1, 1963

Move from Brevard Street to Northwest Junior High School, now, Northwest School of the Arts located on Beatties Ford Road

April 29, 1965

3301 Beatties Ford Road construction started

March 26, 1967

1st live recorded album "Songs to Live By"

July 1, 1967

Friendship Players drama guild organized, Henrietta Rhedrick

May 4, 1968

1st Black appointed to CMS Board of Education, Rev. Coleman W. Kerry, Jr.

June 1, 1969

1st Black TV Personality (WSOC), Marvin (Bob) Nicholas

May 1, 1970

Friendship Day Care Center established

May 1, 1970

Relocated from Northwest Junior High School to 3301 Beatties Ford Rd.

May 2, 1971

1st Tutorial Program organized, William A. Smith

May 1, 1976

1st New Members Class

June 1, 1977

1st Female Usher Board President, Lelar Caldwell

June 2, 1979

1st Black Female TV personality, Charlene Price-Patterson WBTV and WCCB/Fox 18

May 1, 1980

Male Chorus established for Men's Day, Linwood Gerardo Stroud

June 1, 1980

Coleman W. Kerry, Jr. Scholarship Fund established

May 1, 1982

Rev. Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Senior, 13th Pastor

July 1, 1983

1st Black Mayor of Charlotte, Harvey B. Gantt

January 1, 1988

1st Couples Minister, Rev. William H. Height

May 1, 1990

1st Church Administrator, James Lawrence

June 1, 1990

Adult Hand Bell Choir organized, June Smith

July 1, 1990

1st Quilting Activity; Formal Quilting Guild established 2000, Minnie L. Williams

May 1, 1991

1st Black College Awareness Day, Cathy Jones

June 1, 1992

1st Female Deacon, Sarah Blackwell

June 1, 1993

1st FMBC to become a university Chancellor (NCCU), Julius Chambers

May 1, 1994

Youth Opportunity University (Y.O.U.) established, C. Brenda Jones, Chancellor and Carolyn Turner, Vice Chancellor

July 2, 1995

1st Parish Nurse, Charlette Johnson -Smith

July 1, 1998

1st Youth Dance Ministry - Shabach, Rev. Cheryl Moore

May 1, 1998

1st Children from South Africa hosted by FMBC families, International Children Outreach Ministry (ICOM)

June 1, 1998

1st Liturgical Dance Ministry - Vision

June 1, 1999

1st Female African American City Council member, Ella Scarborough

June 1, 1999

International Children's Outreach Ministry established, South Africa

June 1, 2001

1st Orchestra conductor, Duncan Gray

May 1, 2001

1st female Orchestra conductor, Sonja Smith

July 1, 2001

Thato Community of Excellence, Mabopane, South Africa. This economic development project in the township of Winterveldt is a community marvel also known as the “The Farm”. It is a church model for missions whereby vegetable and greenhouse gardens, employment and volunteer opportunities are made available in the community. In addition to a sewing facility, to attract women who are infected with HIV/AIDS, was created in order to employ them in hopes of being able to sustain themselves and their families financially. This strong partnership between the ministry and FMBC has been existence since 2001 under the leadership of the family of the late Rev. M. Johannes Mashiane.

July 1, 2003

1st Homecoming at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

June 1, 2004

1st Annual theme established - "From Membership to Stewardship"

May 1, 2005

Great Things opened

May 1, 2006

Move from 3301 to 3400 Beatties Fd Rd

June 1, 2007

1st Medical Ministry team to South Africa

June 1, 2008

FMBC hosts 1st South Africa Honors Chorus Tour

June 1, 2009

2nd African American Mayor , Anthony Foxx, Esq.

June 1, 2010

My Sister's House - Transitional House opens

June 1, 2019

Sister Church in Pretoria, South Africa completed. Friendship Missionary Baptist built a sister church in a village outside of Pretoria, SA called Moiletswane under the pastorate of our long time ministry partner, Reverend Willy Ndala. 

July 1, 2019

NextGen Ministry established