I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.3 John 1:4

The Gallery at Friendship

Welcome to The Gallery at Friendship

The Gallery at Friendship (The Gallery) is a retail shop that specializes in providing high-quality, tasteful, unique, Christian merchandise including beautiful accessories, educational literature and eccentric home décor collectibles. As a member of the Museum Store Association, we take pride in exposing our clientele to various authentic cultural pieces exclusively available at The Gallery while also offering a petite venue with an expanding clientele for vendors who may be local, distant, member and non-member, artistic, etc. The Gallery is located on the first floor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr. is the Senior Minister. Officially opened in July 2007, The Gallery is establishing a consistent reputation of high quality, impeccable service and retail with a mission. Managed by the Finance Department, The Gallery operates under the premise that every time our doors open, we always offer clients our best, because quality matters.

What else "matters"?

The Gallery offers retail with a mission and takes pride in moving beyond standard retail practices in which money is the motive. At The Gallery, not only do we extend excellence because quality matters, we also showcase other worthy causes that “matter”.

because MISSION matters. The Gallery is honored in sharing that a portion of its proceeds are used to fund mission projects, provide mission relief and self-sustaining improvements locally, as well as internationally in areas such as South Africa and Brazil.

because READING matters. The Gallery features local and national authors by coordinating and hosting on-site book signings and small-group discussions with highly-talented authors who revel in sharing their gift and time with their readers.

because FAMILY matters… The Gallery offers products that promote family interaction, individual and collective spiritual and literary empowerment and gifting opportunities as outward displays of appreciation.

because CULTURE matters… The Gallery showcases artwork from various artists to include hand-painted, framed print, hand-beaded and hand-stitched originals that celebrate cultures locally and abroad.

…and these are just a few things that “matter”.

The Gallery on Location

In an effort to share our unique product offerings with prospective clientele in the surrounding Charlotte-Metro area, The Gallery participates in Gallery Crawls and other cultural exhibitions. Also, The Gallery hosts small, themed evening occasions to highlight featured pieces or an entire product line for interested buyers. These occasions are held both on and off site.

How can I be featured?

If you would like to have a product featured in The Gallery, we have a Prospective Vendor Application available online at www.friendshipcharlotte.org which can also be delivered, upon email request, by fax or email. All applications are reviewed and confirmed/denied by an advisory body via written notification within 60 days of receiving the application.

Come in and experience The Gallery!

The Gallery at Friendship transcends your typical church bookstore by adding a blast of culture and a spark of mission, while still offering several tools to spiritually ignite and empower believers on their Christian journey.

Come experience The Gallery for yourself and infuse your life with more culture, more awareness and more style.

We’ll see you soon!