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I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.3 John 1:4

Moiletswane, South Africa

Moiletswane FMBC, South Africa

Below is a missional message from our partner, Reverend Willy Ndala to the Friendship family in Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi Family.
Attached kindly find pictures regarding the progress of  sanctuary project. We are grateful for the enthusiasm with which the workers are carrying out this job.  This project has sparked much needed hope within the village of Moiletswane.   People who are not members of our church already sees this church as their spiritual home.

We are already looking forward to 2019 when Papa Jones and members of FMBC will be here to dedicate the Friendship Village, namely; the Tshenolo (Revelation ) Day Care and Moiletswana Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

In South Africa the pensioners have to gather in a place where it is safe for them to receive their monthly pension allowances. And most instances places which are used are unsafe and most of them even die in the queues either due to cold,  heat and dehydration. Now my vision is for the church to be used  as a safe haven monthly for the pensioners of Moiletswana to receive their monthly payouts. This is possible because we already have water which FMBC has provided us.  As a part of the project we want to ensure that we have security wall built around the church for the safety of everyone inside especially the elderlies during the aforementioned times.  So I have no doubt that this church will benefit our community at large  when it is completed.

We also intend to have it utilized for extra lessons for learners especially for math classes. In addition  I am excited about the pool that is going to be built as part of the project, which will be used for baptism but also for swimming lessons. There is no school in the black  townships which have a swimming pool, not even one. You only find swimming pools in the white schools, and  therefore it will be great to  start swimming lessons for our kids from a young age before they even get to school.  My vision about this church  is bigger than just it being as a place of worship, is more like a multi purpose centre and  we FMBC to thank for this.
Your kindness and generosity is not limited to us as a local Church but it is indeed a wonderful gift to the whole community.  I am sharing so that our family at FMBC  will know that you have touched many lives in a way which is not easy to put into words.