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Social Justice Ministry

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, February 13 Forum: Primary Political Forum, 6:00p
Meet & greet candidates for President, U.S. Senate, 9th and 12th Congressional Districts and the N.C. General Assembly

Thursday, February 20 Forum: Primary Political Forum, 6:00p
Meet & greet candidates from N.C. Governor, Lt. Governor, Council of State Offices, Mecklenburg County Commission and District Judges

Saturday, February 29 Voter Registration Neighborhood Canvassing

• Location to be determined (10a-1p)
•  Phone banking in the computer lab (2nd floor) @ the church (10a-12p)

Tuesday, March 3 Primary Election Day (Rides to the Polls)
• Community canvassing for rides to the polls
• Rides to the polls via church vans and funeral home limos
Election Schedule
Offices on the Ballot

Sunday, March 15 Forum: The 2020 Census and the Charlotte, 1:30p
• What, why, how and understanding the importance of the Census and Participation of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan
• Facilitators: Census Partnership Staff and Mr. Sean Langley, City of Charlotte Planning Commission

Tues-Friday, April 14-17 Journey Along the Civil Rights & Voting Tour
• Overnight educational trip to Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, Alabama
• Registration and payment required

Sunday, April 26 Forum: The New Voter Photo I.D. and Real I.D.
• Differences • Similarities • Which one is required? • How do I get either one?

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Phone Banking

All phone banking sessions will operate out of the 2nd floor computer room.
Click for the phone banking schedule

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