I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.3 John 1:4

Pastor’s Page

Health Emphasis:  Prepare for the Season!
Monthly Emphasis: Men’s Month, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Intergenerational Sunday/Baby Blessings and Dedication
Scripture for the Month:  John 16:5-15 – John 17:20-26

Daily Readings

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9 – St. John 16:16-20
From the darkness of Calvary, the brilliant light shined on those who had found none elsewhere.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 – St. John 16:21
The most unspeakable pain often precedes the greatest joy.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11 – St. John 16:22-23
Jesus asks us to follow him even when it really hurts, but assures us we will not be forgotten.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12 – St. John 16:24-28
Jesus returned to the Father to confirm interceding for us to the Father.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 – St. John 16:19-32
Jesus is still asking this question to us, Do you now believe?

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 – St. John 16:33
True peace is not dead in the middle of the storm.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16  – St. John 17:1a
Jesus first move in prayer was looking to his father in heaven.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17 – St. John 17:1b
Jesus humbles himself first to glorify his father in heaven.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18 – St. John 17:2
God gave his son authority for a divine purpose, do we really understand that divine gift?

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19 – St. John 17:3
This was the Almighty God’s Sovereign plan for us.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 – St. John 17:4
When your time has COME, will you be able to say with confidence you’ve done what a CHRISTIAN was tasked to do?
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 – St. John 17:5
How would you have felt as Jesus was prayerfully saying farewell?





Point to Ponder

What was the disciples’ greatest fear, the grief of him leaving or the disbelief of his return?


God grant us strength and courage to receive your peace in tribulations even before the victory. I ask this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.