I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.3 John 1:4

Pastor’s Page

Message from Our Senior Minister

Grace and Peace Be Unto You,

May the Spirit of Christ sustain you throughout 2020. During the sermonic moments on Sunday (January 5th), I spoke about the importance of trusting God; in fact, the subject was, “God can be trusted.” Consequently, we are testimonies of growing to trust in God because of our experiences in 2019. Whether the experiences were major or minor, “the good Lawd” was faithful. God’s faithfulness continues in 2020. Therefore we know that God can be trusted through whatever, wherever, whenever, and forever!

It is incredible what the Lord is doing through this church family. You are an integral and needed member in enhancing God’s Kingdom on earth through your stewardship of volunteerism, financial contributions, participation in ministry, and your prayers. May the Spirit of Christ ever bless and keep you all along your faith journey!

~Pastor Jones

Health Emphasis:  Improve your sleep and your health (body!)

Monthly Emphasis: 
Black History Awareness, Cub/Boy Scout Sunday, C.W. Kerry Scholarship Sunday, GBSC Congress of Christian Education One Day Session

Monthly Reading: Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution by Myron Magnet and The Enigma of Clarence Thomas by Corey Robin


Readings for the month

Week of Feb. 2
Psalm 6:1 – 10 A Prayer for Help in the Times of Trouble: The difference in pulling and carrying a load – weighed down.

Week of Feb. 9
Psalm 16:1-11 A Prayer for Confidence: Balancing temporary adversaries with long-term faith.

Week of Feb. 16
Psalm 54:1 – 7 A Prayer for the Protection from enemies: Depending on God against powerful oppressors.

Week of Feb. 23
Psalm 89:46 – 52 A Prayer for Deliverance: When a long time is a long time!

Prayer:   O God, our sustainer and keeper. Grant us a Spirit that as oppressed people, we may live without bitterness and resentment. May we rise above our trouble through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Point to Ponder: Unfortunately, there are people who have been and are oppressive, disingenuous, cruel, and dishonest; always been like this. Know that they are tools of evil – ask God to be merciful towards them.