I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.3 John 1:4

Pastor’s Page

Message from Our Senior Minister

Grace and Peace Be Unto You,

Like last year, the emphasis on preaching and teaching is prayer. Our new theme for 2020 is “Embracing Prayer’s Power!” The emphasis and theme are inspired by Psalms, which is the biblical text.

I am looking forward to us engaging in Psalms, which will instruct, inspire, and challenge us about the power of prayer. Having access to God through prayer and being recipients of prayer is such an amazing and mysterious gift to us! Continued blessings to you and thanks for all that you do!

God Bless and take care of your health!

~Pastor Jones

Health Emphasis:  Improve your self-awareness (mind)!

Monthly Emphasis:  
Annual Mission Awareness, Annual Leadership Workshop, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday/Holiday, State of the Church Address

Monthly ReadingThe Beloved Community by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Readings for the month

Week of Jan. 5
Psalm 3:1-8:   A Morning Prayer for Help:  When the odds are against you,Trust God!

Week of Jan. 12
Psalm 10:1-17:   A Prayer for Justice: Mission, responsible Christians serving, advocating, and praying

Week of Jan. 19
Psalm 85:1-13:   A Prayer for the Nation’s Welfare: A long-term happy living arrangement – a Binary relationship!

Week of Jan. 26
Psalm 31:1-24:  A Prayer of Trust in God: Living courageously knowing your experiences are in the Lord’s hands.

Prayer:   O Lord, may we be faithful in all our circumstances as we live faithfully. May we live in having a responsible spirit towards others who are less fortunate. May we continuously strive to be ambassadors of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior–Amen!

Point to Ponder: Refuse to grant permission nor grant unwarranted conscious energy to those things, situations, and people you have absolutely no control over.
Make this a daily practice.