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Valves & Pipeline Components

AVSU Display Alarm

Area Valve Service Units

Our BeaconMedaes Area Valve Service Units (AVSU) have been designed in accordance to the ISO 7396-7 standard.


BeaconMedaes medizone area service module image

Medizone™ Area Service Module

The Medizone™ Area Service Module is an effective method of installing a number of services and equipment in a factory pre-built and tested unit allowing for quick installation.


BeaconMedaes medical gas line ball valve assemblies image

Medical Gas Line Ball Valves

Line ball valve assemblies come complete with a lockable handle, with locking being achieved by fitting a suitably sized padlock to lock in either the open or closed positions.


BeaconMedaes zone service unit image

ZSU2 -Zone Service Units

The all new BeaconMedæs Zone Service unit (ZSU2) provides you with more functionality than ever before


BeaconMedaes medical grade copper tubing and fittings

Copper Pipe & Fittings

BeaconMedæs supplies a huge range of degreased medical grade copper tubing and fittings to both UK and export markets.