Grace and Peace Be Unto You!

The Book of Job

Our Church theme for 2024 is  Why?” 

Prayer: “O God, author of the world’s joy, bearer of the world’s pain, make us glad that we are men/persons, and that we have inherited the world’s burden; deliver us from the luxury of cheap melancholy; and at the heart of our trouble sorrow; let unconquerable gladness dwell; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Amen 
Henry S. Nash

A Riddle

If God is will
And will is well,
Then what is ill?
God still?
Dew tell?

“J.B.: A Play in Verse”
by Archibald MacLeish (p. 78-79)

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Monthly Emphasis: Graduate Sunday, Father’s Day, Juneteenth, Youth Revival, and
Youth Opportunity University (YOU) Begins

Monthly Scripture Readings:

Week of  June 2nd  (Holy Communion)

Weekly Readings,Job 15.1-16, esp. 1-9 Eliphaz speaks


* Jeremiah 23.16-22, Be careful, cautious and discerning of the religious talk.
* St. Matt. 12.33-37, the fruit ought to match the tree.
*  James 3.1-7, favoritism, and discrimination are never acceptable.

1. Who profits from deceptive language?
2. Who profits from unprofitable speech?
3. What makes you think you know more than me?

Thought It is prudent to listen carefully to what isn’t verbalized.

Week of June 9th (Graduate Sunday)

Weekly Readings, Job 16.6-23, esp. 18-22 Job responds


* Psalm 35.11-28, God’s intervention now, sooner is better than later.

* Lamentations 2.16, 3.1-18, the challenges with life’s low times – where’s God?
* Ruth 1.18-21, the bitterness of bitter
* St. John 11.1-37, …Lord, where were you when we needed you?

1. Are the ungodly and wicked hands upon you in God’s hands?
2. What is needed when faith is tested by the dark unkindness of others?
3. Only one opportunity to have life, what’s next?

Thought: Life is a place of learning, be vigilant not to be left behind.

Week of June 16th (Father's Day)

Weekly Readings, Job 17.1-16, esp. 11-16 Job continues

* Psalm 88.1-7, dread of feeling overwhelmed.
* Isaiah 38.9-20, praying and hoping for the best.
* Romans 5.1-11, boasting with humility.
*  Ephesians 2.17-22, the peace of God is available to all, and for all.

1.  Take inventory of your situation, where is
2. Can others see your hope-what do they see?
3. What should I say, my countenance is downcast and my soul is heavy laden.

Thought: My daily life experiences are constantly changing – my hope is consistent.

Week of June 23rd

Weekly Readings, Job 18.1-21, esp. 1-4 Bildad answers Job


 Proverbs 18.10-21, the power of words
* Isaiah 54.7-17, Seasons of despair bear limited and anemic fruit.
* Titus 1.10-16, God was not pleased, and isn’t pleased with evil.

1. When is it acceptable to tell someone they are misguided, opinionated, hardheaded, and wrong?
2. Are you aware of the snares set by those who seek to justify their behavior towards
Thought:  Persons who feel wronged by others and neglected by God say hurtful things.

Week of June 30th

Weekly Readings, Job 19.7-28, esp. 23-28 Job responds

* Psalm 16.1-11, There is security in the Lord, trust God.
* Jeremiah 17.14-18, an honest prayer
* I John 2.29-3.3, We are children of God – smile!

1. How can I clearly see your faults and not my own?
 2. Where is the root, source of your challenges?
3. If your life was a book, what would the title be?

Thought: It is critically important to remember that we, friend, foe or adversary are children of God.

*Books for the Month:  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst
The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor,
and Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison