Grace and Peace Be Unto You!

The Book of Job

Our Church theme for 2024 is  Why?” 

Prayer: “O God, author of the world’s joy, bearer of the world’s pain, make us glad that we are men/persons, and that we have inherited the world’s burden; deliver us from the luxury of cheap melancholy; and at the heart of our trouble sorrow; let unconquerable gladness dwell;
through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Amen 
Henry S. Nash

A Riddle

If God is will
And will is well,
Then what is ill?
God still?
Dew tell?

“J.B.: A Play in Verse”
by Archibald MacLeish (p. 78-79)

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.  Please continue to stay connected with us each week.  May God Bless You, Pastor Jones

Monthly EmphasisBlack History Month, Cub/Boy Scout Sunday, C. W. Kerry Scholarship Sunday, Valentines’ Day
& Ash Wednesday/Lenten begins

Monthly Scripture Readings:

Week of February 4 (Holy Communion)
Weekly Readings - Job 5.1-7 Eliphaz continues


* Jeremiah 12.1-4, unnoticed blessings of the treacherous…
* I Cor. 10-13, strengthening through testing, endurance is essential.


1. Calling, texting, why is God’s response so slow?
2. Turn to the saints for a response, which one?
3. How can God see human beings born and living in trouble and not do something?

Thought Getting tired of waiting patiently while the innocent suffers more!

Week of February 11 (Cub/Boy Scout Sunday)
Weekly Readings - Job 6.8-13, 21-30 Job’s reply to Eliphaz

* Hosea 11.8-12, …walk with God for God is faithful
* Acts 20.17-24, …unappreciated, tired, and haters, yet I faithfully witnessed

1. Excuse me, did I ask any assistance from you?
2. Deliverance and redemption would be nice, when?
3. Is there any wrong on my tongue?
4. Cannot my taste discern perverse things?

Thought: What I don’t need from you is judgement and condemnation 

Week of February 18 (1st Sunday of Lent)
Weekly Readings - Job’s reply continues

* Romans 3.21-31, righteous through faith
* Isaiah 53.1-6, After 21st century we are still wandering and the Shepherd is still looking.

1. Who has believed what we have heard?
2. Is it really free…?

Thought: Hard to imagine that Someone – Christ Jesus- went through all of that for me.

Week of  February  25th (2nd Sunday of Lent/C. W. Kerry Scholarship Sunday)

Weekly Readings

 Romans 4.23-25, promises and faith
* Isaiah 53.7-9, it was unfair, and HE didn’t say anything.

1. I can’t afford it. What am I going to do?
2. Will Pay Pal pay for me?
3. Over my head in debt, who can imagine my future?

Thought:  “You owe Me” is a Godly mantra, so grateful for online giving.

*Books for the Month: I’m a Little King: Positive Affirmations for Black and Brown Boys by Sherifa Brown,
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis,
The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles, Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington, and Beloved by Toni Morrison