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Betty Tucker
Prayer request for my brother James Lonnie Tucker was admitted to ICU on Friday May 19, after being found on the floor of his home by one of his son in laws, both his kidneys had failed. He was given emergency dialysis more than once because of the toxins in his body. My brother is a veteran and will be 79 in June. Lonnie is in Atrium main, the doctors are saying that he will be there another week or until they can find him a place where he can go for dialysis. He lives in Huntersville. Please pray God's blessings for healing, strength and total recovery of his mind, body & spirit.

Ralph Dukes
My son, Donovan Dukes was rehospitalized tonight with a 104° fever. He will be admitted for testing. Could be reoccurance of December admission. Thank you so very much.
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Please join me in prayer for my nieces; Lana, Lexi, and Lyeshia. That God heals, save, delivers, protects, guides, and blesses them. Praying Isaiah 53:5 and 54:17 in Jesus’ name. Amen! God Bless and Thank you!
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Tonya Bostic
Please join me in prayer that God heals me of all sicknesses, disease, and pain both seen and unseen, Isaiah 53:5 in Jesus’ name! Amen! Thank you! And God Bless!
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Seth M
I’m pursuing my MA TESOL degree at Multnomah University in Portland. My vision is to go into a creative access country, start an English academy, and bring in other TESOL trained missionaries, and perhaps start multiple academies to bring missionaries into difficult regions. I feel that this degree falls short of my goals, and Jessup has recently bought out Multnomah, which opens a lot of degree options. I’m considering pursuing Jessup’s online MBA alongside my MA TESOL. Pray for wisdom, clarity, understanding, discernment and guidance on this. Pray also for wisdom in planning the finances. There is money set aside from my parents for college, but I’ve only used the GI bill so far. Pray for wisdom in planning the finances, and that the money will stretch, and richly cover the costs. Thanks.
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Wallace Means
Please pray for the hungry children and adult of Bayonnais, Haiti. There is a severe shortage of food and resources. Please also pray that we will dig deep and give what we can in an effort to help feed the hungry in Haiti.
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Maria Cradle
I’m Praying That Arthritis goes away From Aunt Maria’s Knees and My Great Aunty Maria is praying that Her Great Niece Yashiema Maria Hubbard gets Well Soon
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Please pray for my son Justin Wright for healing of his enlarged esophagus. He has trouble getting food properly to his stomach and will need surgery very soon. Please pray 1)that Justin will be able to follow the puréed diet that has been prescribed for him 2)the doctors will collaborate to find the best procedure that will work exclusively for him
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I am after two years yet struggling with the passing of my husband. I cannot seem to move forward no matter how much I try. I am requesting prayer and spiritual guidance. Thank you.
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I am asking for prayer for my aunt, Lena, 87 years old. She is currently hospitalized in Lenoir in I.C.U., and she had a mild heart attack and her blood pressure has been fluctuating from low to high. She also starting having seizures that put her in a semi-coma, and the doctors still are not sure how to treat her. Her family is asking for healing prayers for her!!
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Jenise Mitchell
My oldest brother, James E. Foster, Sr., passed away August 20, 2023 in Detroit, Mi. Please pray for my family and my brother's wife and children. Celebration of Life was held in Michigan on September 2, 2023. Thank you.
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My grandfather is stable now. They just took the Heart pressure monitoring system out of his neck. Not on any hospital meds at the moment. The fluid is off the Heart and the lungs. He is only wearing a heart monitor at this time. Thankful God granted me more time with him. He is 90 and ready to go back to work, although he knows he only has months or 1 year tops (per the doctors). Thank you so much for your prayers
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Nathaniel Mitchell
Please pray for me. I had part of my colon removed, The cancer has spread to my lungs.Thanks for praying with me.
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Please pray for Ms. Sandra Walker who is currently in the hospital. Please pray for her family during this difficult time.
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Please pray for my mother Elnora Bailey, who just got over double pneumonia and returned from Novant hospital earlier this week. She returned to the Royal Park nursing home and is very thin and weak. Please pray that the Lord will encourage, strengthen, restore, and heal her, in Jesus’s name!!
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Edward Mathis
Please offer prayers of healing for our Dad as he recovers from a stroke suffered April 29th in the wake of his beloved mother's (Mrs. E.F. Mathis, Sr.) recent burial.
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Natasha Jooste
Please, please I need earnest prayers that God will have mercy on me and help me. Things are really bad. Thank you.
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