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Total Alert2 Medical Gas Alarms

This alarm network gives you next-generation connectivity throughout your facility and beyond. It's designed to provide you with the right platform for a totally networked future.

Designed for quick and easy installation. The MedPlus TotalAlert2 Alarm is the easiest of alarms to install and by far the easiest of alarm networks to set up. Everything is pre-labeled for quick identification. The compact back box fits between standard studs and adjusts for the thickness of your wall. You simply install the box, connect power and signal wires, use the drywall cover to protect the box while painting, then install the front panel and connect the ribbon cables.

Less expensive cabling (using your existing network). Unlike alternative systems in which every component must be linked to each other, the MedPlus TotalAlert Alarm uses your existing Ethernet requiring only a link to the nearest Ethernet hub. Instead of pulling countless feet of cable through walls, your connections are short and simple.

Secure digital sensors. Sensors are gas specific and clearly labeled for ease of installation. The case reveals a heartbeat sensor that tells you at a glance whether the transducer is functioning properly – and the system itself is smart enough to alert you to transducer installation problems.

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TotalAlert2 Medical Gas Alarm Specifications
BeaconMedaes medical gas alarm master configuration


  • 32 Master Signals
  • 64 Master Signals
  • With or without relays
  • Retrofit available

medical gas alarm area configuration
  • 4 gas panel
  • 8 gas panel
  • 5-point multisignal board available
  • Retrofit available
BeaconMedaes medical gas alarm combo configuration
  • 32 Master Signals
  • 64 Master Signals
  • 3 gas panel
  • 6 gas panel
  • With or without relays
  • 5-point multi-signal module available
  • Retrofit available
Pressure Switch Combination Units
BeaconMedaes medical gas alarm pressure switch
  • Gas specific 50-55 psig
  • Gas specific 100 psig
  • Gas specific 180 psig
  • Vacuum

Includes pressure switch, 2 1/2" pressure gauge, gas specific DISS demand valve


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BeaconMedaes TotalAlert Medical Gas Alarm

BeaconMedaes TotalAlert Medical Gas Alarm