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Grace and Peace Be Unto You!

Our church theme for 2022 is  “Listen to the Word of God."  Please set aside 3 – 7 minutes daily to read the assigned scriptures and write a daily personal reflection of your own. Click Here for Daily Readings

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.  Please continue to stay connected with us each week.

May God Bless You,

Pastor Jones

Monthly Scripture Readings

October:  Godly rewards and bonus, beyond treats and tricks.

Week of  October 2nd (Holy Communion)
Psalm 8, “O Lord, our God your greatness is seen in all the world…” awe struck!

Scripture: O.T. - Psalm 8.1-9, (esp. 3b.cc…the work of Your fingers.”); N.T. – St. Luke 11.14-36, (esp. 18-20)
Thought: The power of creative fingers.

Week of  October 9th 
Genesis 47, God always provides for His children through persons Divinely placed to meet human needs.

Scripture: O.T. – Genesis 47.1-12; N.T. – Acts 7.9-19
Thought: Before they were needy God had already provided for their needs.

Week of October 16th (Men's Day)
Job 29, Ah, if only things could be like they use to be – those were the days -!

Scripture: O.T. – Job 29.1-20; St. Matthew 6.24-34, (esp. 34)
Thought:  What about tomorrow?

Week of October 23rd (Pastor Jones 40th Anniversary)
James 4, It is always right to do the right thing when the wrong thing was done to you yesterday and

Scripture: O.T. – Job 27.1-23, (esp. 8); N.T. – James 4.1-12, (esp. 7-10)
Thought:  In the midst of evil and despair, live a life of integrity.

Week of October 30th ((Intergenerational Sunday))
Ecclesiastes 11, Stay youthful and fit by exercising kindness and generosity and living a loving
disposition daily.

Scripture: O.T. – Ecclesiastes 11.1-6; N.T. – St. Matthew 10.40-42
Thought:  The bonus and rewards for services rendered.

Prayer:  God of all glory, Your name was, is, and will always be majestic in heaven and on earth. Just the thought of You
causes a soulful smile. Thank You for the regal self-confidence when You said when asked about your name, simply, “I am
who I am!” Amen!