Our Pastor


Message from Pastor Clifford A. Jones, Sr.

Grace and Peace Be Unto You!

Our church theme for 2022 is  “Listen to the Word of God."  Please set aside 3 – 7 minutes daily to read the assigned scriptures and write a daily personal reflection of your own. Click Here for Daily Readings

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.  Please continue to stay connected with us each week.

May God Bless You,

Pastor Jones

Monthly Scripture Readings

July:  Christian humility is an impactful and penetrating witness.

Week of  July 3rd (Holy Communion)
Scripture: O.T. –Psalm 73.21-28, (esp. 21-23); Philippians 3.1-14
Thought: Refuse to stay distracted by workers of wickedness and evil who can’t do right – stay prayerful, press on.

Week of July 10th 
Scripture: O.T. Job 14.1-22, (esp. 7-10); Romans 8.26-39, (esp. 38-39)
Thought: Persuaded with certitude!

Week of July 17th
Scripture:  Isaiah 53.4-12, (esp. 7-10); St. John 19.17-30
Thought:  The essence of sacrifice is demonstrated by Jesus Christ being obedient to God’s will.

Week of July 24th 
Scripture:  Psalm 41.1-13, (esp. 9) Obadiah 1.7; St. John 13.21-38, (esp. 21-22; 34-35)
Thought:  God’s faithfulness gives the courage and perseverance to continue when others are so disappointing.

Prayer:  Lord, You already know that if I tallied all my possession of a lifetime, they would be so small in comparison to
what I have in You on earth and in heaven. You guide me; You are my strength; You are my refuge; You are merciful and
gentle with me. So, when You observe my attitude and regrettable actions because of people's wickedness in our world,
please be merciful towards them because of their blindness and me because anger and resentment make me less of who You will me to be. It is in Jesus' name I do pray. Amen!